Adoption – A Social Issue

I originally published this on my Facebook page in 2014. Since November is National Adoption Awareness Month, so I thought it would be fitting to share again here. ___ Yesterday, I read that a study in St. Louis showed that women who had access to free birth control were less likely to engage in risky sexual behavior, and

Back the Life: Officer Down

  At 2:55pm today, Kansas City Kansas Police Captain Robert Melton was pronounced dead from a mortal wound received in the line of duty. He is the second officer within the same department to be killed while responding to a call in two months. His death comes a walk and a half after a Ballwin

Mr. Turner, You Err

This past week I’ve seen a lot of posts about Brock Turner. I had to stop and look up his name just now, because frankly I’m sick of seeing his face, and it’s not worth it to me to learn his name. On June 3rd, he was convicted of three felonies for sexually assaulting a

A Year Passed By

  A year ago, our family vacation ended. That same day, another family lost their mom in a terrible car accident the day after Memorial Day.  I suppose I could say that I can’t believe a year has passed. I some ways, that might be true. I know I can’t believe my kids are already a year

You Can’t Call It Rape

{Trigger warning:This post may not be suitable for all readers. The topic of this post is about rape and medical trauma, and parts may descriptive detail.} Imagine: You’re surrounded by people you don’t know. They stand over you threateningly, with an air of authority. They call you names, and tell you of a horrid fate that awaits